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Hello to everyone out there in the newly proclaimed “blogosphere”. Life has been a little crazy around here the past few weeks with Lindsay leaving, Kaz training, and just transition in general. Its been an exciting time, as both Bronson and I are pumped about the opportunity to work with Kaz. With the change, of course, comes all the sadness at seeing Lindsay leave and all the memories from the past year. Like she said, it has been a good year!
I hope everyone had a great Easter – wasn’t the weather awesome!! I myself had a wonderful day – I went to church with my family and then enjoyed an extremely large brunch at home. Afterwards was the annual Bauman Croquet Match, which takes place every Easter afternoon up at Point Loma Little League. My dad is the reigning champ, winning pretty much every year since we’ve started. As always, my dad won, but both my sister and I gave him a run for his money. I’m known for my inconsistency – I can hit the little ball much further than anyone else, but very rarely do I ever hit it where I want it. Some day . . .
A cool picture I shot of my little sis Julie in Europe this past summer.

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