Bethany and Jeff – October 27, 2007- Seagrove Park and L'Auberge, San Diego, California


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Bethany and I first met through our work with San Diego Magazine and Exquisite Weddings. If you haven’t checked out Exquisite Weddings Magazine yet, it is one of the most gorgeous wedding magazines I’ve seen. We’ve done several shoots with them and I love how nice the magazine always looks. Bethany had heard our name several times in her wedding photography search, and figured it was worth giving us a shot.
Now keep in mind – this was the weekend right after the San Diego fires. I have to say, it was really good to get away from all the stress and craziness of the fire situation and get back to what I love – wedding photography. The two were married at Seagrove Park and moved to L’Auberge for their reception. We had an all-star cast of vendors – Tim Altbaum was their DJ and Botanica did the florals.
Keep an eye out for this one to be in a magazine sometime soon 🙂 We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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