Frances and Doug – April 5, 2008- El Cortez, Downtown San Diego, California


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I first met Doug while working at Jamba Juice. Doug started there about three days before me, so he always ranked higher than me on the seniority charts . . . Despite all that, we had a great time working there together and kept up with each other.
And then there’s Bronson. Bronson and Doug ended up being in the same fraternity at PLNU together. So it really was too funny how all three of us became friends through separate walks of life, in a way.
Frances is the perfect compliment to Doug – hanging out with the two of them just leaves you laughing for several hours. Although I didn’t end up shooting their wedding photography, Bronson and Jacob shot some amazing stuff. Frances and Doug wanted to go out AFTER the wedding – which you can see yielded some pretty cool shots. I’m really proud of how well we shoot when its dark out – I love the unique lighting you can get. The El Cortez is such a classy venue and a wonderful place for photography as well.

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