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As Christopher Durst walks into the room he has a confidence about him that is clear and suits him well. You can tell right away why he’s been so successful with Events By Christopher. His charisma makes him an easy fit in any crowd, and his personality makes you instantly feel at home.

It’s this personality and charisma that originally started him thinking about event planning. A social butterfly in the music scene of Los Angeles, Christopher was always asked to coordinate his friends’ parties and events. As he became more involved in the music scene, the parties quickly elevated, getting bigger and better with each event he was involved with. Pretty soon, without even noticing it, Events By Christopher was up and running, taking with it the prestige of a well-known events planner.

“My favorite thing is being all-inclusive to my clients,” Christopher remarks as he sits back and settles into his chair. “We’re not just a coordinating service, or a caterer. We like to take care of our clients and help them with every facet of their event.” Known best for their incredible and unique catering service, Christopher is clear to point out their coordinating service, which is second to none. “We are a high-end catering and coordinating company, but our prices are very competitive.”

For such a reputable, high-end catering and coordinating company, many may be surprised to learn they have only been in business for 18 months. “Well, it’s only been 18 months officially, but we’ve been servicing clients for much longer than that.” The key to Events By Christopher’s quick success has been maintaining the personal touch and close-knit relationships with their clients. Christopher believes controlled growth and offering small, personalized services will enable them to continue providing their clients with the highest quality possible. “My style is dinner and drinks with my clients much more than sitting in my office sending emails. When you book with Events By Christopher, you’re going to be treated like family.”

If Events By Christopher clients are treated in a way that resembles the way Christopher treats his friends, his clients are in for a real treat!

“Events by Christopher is a highly professional team committed to making each event as unique and upscale as possible. Christopher and his staff know the meaning of customer service!” Jared Bauman, Bauman Photographers

article written by Jared Bauman

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