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Zimmer could have sworn she saw Paul from American Idol at Cafe 21! But he clearly was in LA for the finale of the show so it must have been his stunt double…

This week we tired a local organic place, Cafe 21 in University Heights…like their website states, their food comes from local farmers who provide them with exceptional produce and natural ingredients and we could really taste how fresh it was. They also have a great menu of organic teas; Zimmer went for the Pomegranate Black Tea, very refreshing! Joe and Josie ordered the Rosemary Roasted Lamb sandwich that came with apricot, swiss cheese and tomatoes melted on with a side of strawberry salad and a potato pancake. Eder had the Shrimp Pesto sandwich with avocado and mozzarella! Josie and Eder did feel like as good as the food was it was way too greasy for their liking…Zimmer and Aimee had the Chicken Pesto sandwich and Bronson went with the chicken crepes. However, he felt the chicken was a little dry and the plate could have used a lot more cheese. We were all in agreement that the side of potato pancake were absolutely amazing! The service was great, everyone was very friendly and the decor was very chic! I know a few of us were eying the dessert crepes with strawberries and cream cheese, maybe next time : )

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