Bauman Lunch :: Stone Brewing

This week we took a trip to Stacked at Fashion Valley Mall. It was a special lunch since we were celebrating our senior intern Josie's graduation from our internship program. Most of our interns complete their internship in 4 months, but after her 4 months were up,...

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Bauman Lunch :: Burgers!

Bauman Lunch this week took us to Smash Burger in Mission Valley! We all seemed to be in the mood for a good old burger and fries...this time around, we knew how and what to order. Eder had the "San Diego Burger" which had fresh avocado, fresh cilantro and onions,...

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Bauman Lunch :: Burgers Week 2

This week we continued with our Burger Month series and visited SmashBurger in Mission Valley. We had heard great things about the one in La Jolla and since it was the first week that the Mission Valley had opened it's doors, we thought it would be perfect to visit....

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