Hotel del Coronado Wedding :: San Diego, CA Daniel & Noel

Daniel and Noel had a clear vision for their wedding day:

“Not a lot of people, but a LOT of love.”

The magnificent Hotel del Coronado was the perfect place for their intimate ceremony, and each of their 15 guests felt like royalty! Following their “I do’s” just STEPS away from the Pacific Ocean, Daniel and Noel invited their loved ones to a bonfire with their toes in the sand… all under the soft glow of the hotel’s beautiful Christmas lights. 

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Dana Point Yacht Club Wedding :: Dana Point, CA Brandon & Cassie

Cassie and Brandon are ready for a life-long devotion. To each other, of course… but aaaalso to their respective football teams. #noshame

It was their intense loyalty to their own teams that sparked a playful banter between them – Brandon is a hardcore Philadelphia Eagles fan, and Cassie can’t get enough of her Chicago Bears. But of course, this is a modern love story, so it was actually over Instagram where they exchanged all of this flirtatious smack talk!

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Boo-man Lunch :: Halloween Fun! Balboa Park

The Boo-man Photographers are baaaaack!

Year after year, there’s one special Bauman Lunch where we all bring our A-game. And you guessed it – IT’S THIS ONE. Halloween morning almost feels like Christmas as we giddily await each team member to arrive, decked out in costume! 

And oh my gourd, this Halloween did NOT disappoint! 

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Bauman Lunch :: Halloween Inspiration The Rabbit Hole

There are a few things we take VERY seriously here at Bauman Photographers. And y’all, one of those things is HALLOWEEN.

So as the end of the month approaches, you better believe each member of our team is gathering inspiration, pulling together pieces (slash spending all of our free time at the craft store), and gettin’ pumped for another EPIC Halloween Boo-Man Lunch!

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Model Session :: San Diego, CA Naomi

One epic top-secret location.

One drop-dead gorgeous model. 

And one evening full of creative sparks flying ALL OVER… you can count us in! Shoots like this totally make us come alive! 

We met Naomi through one our fabulous past brides, and we had so much fun creating these gorgeous images together! We ventured with Naomi to one of our favorite places to shoot – a crazy-cool hidden gem in the middle of a business park! Who wouldda thunk?

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Coronado Island Elopement :: San Diego, CA Hillary & James

It was months of top-secret planning before Hillary and James announced WE ELOPED!

Theirs was a simple and sweet ceremony on the Coronado Naval Base, and afterwards, we took advantage of the beauuuuutiful San Diego golden hour for their newly-married portraits. Holy heck, these two (and that UNREAL light!) blew us away! 

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Lomas Santa Fe Country Club Wedding :: San Diego, CA Christie & Tim

Tradition met tropical flair at Christie and Tim’s wedding – and it was the best combo ever! 

Linking the Catholic traditions of Christie’s family with the Filipino traditions handed down from Tim’s parents, they brought their respective family traditions together in a deeply meaningful, absolutely beautiful ceremony (in the same church where Christie had been baptized!).

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Mother-Daughter Studio Session :: San Diego, CA Cindy & Annie

Twinning much?!

Oh friends – we are SO IN LOVE with this mother-daughter studio session!

Yes, we know it’s hard to believe – but these gorgeous ladies aren’t twins, they are mother and daughter! 

Cindy and Annie are sweet and silly soul-sisters, with the BEST youthful smiles and downright AMAZING hair. We had so much fun playing around in our studio and capturing these gorgeous looks. We feel like we’ve walked into a Pantene ad or come across some Neutrogena spokesmodels…. #modelmaterial #twinsies! 

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Private Estate Wedding :: San Diego, CA Katie & Jason

Before their wedding day, Katie and Jason had been together for fourteen years.

Fourteen years of life changes – the good, AND the bad – all spent together. Fourteen years full of inside jokes, plenty of snuggles on their favorite couch, and epic movie marathons (which all tied into their amazing proposal!). Fourteen years as absolute best friends – and realizing that they simply couldn’t live without each other!   

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Gaslamp Quarter Senior Portraits :: San Diego, CA Danielle

Senior year is full of exciting adventures, especially looking into the future!  It’s the perfect time to celebrate what makes YOU unique and to show off your own personal style, and Danielle did just that! Danielle has already begun her acting career, so she wanted portraits that reflected her spunk and personality. From the urban architecture of the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, to her power-house wardrobe, to her dazzling smile — this girl totally rocked her senior portrait session. #WERK

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Torrey Pines Engagement ::
San Diego, CA
Katie & Jason

She was a hostess, he was a waiter. 

For a long time, Jason kept his eye on Katie. Working at the same restaurant gave him plenty of opportunities to ask her out, but he waited for the right time. They joke that it took a few tries, but eventually, Jason’s persistence paid off. He took the cutest hostess in the restaurant out on a date, and it soon enough, they couldn’t imagine life without each other!

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The Dana on Mission Bay Wedding :: San Diego, CA Kristi & Doug

Kristi and Doug are quintessential coastals. They live and breathe ocean, sand, and that classic San Diego sea air.  

They love their home in Mission Beach, San Diego, but Kristi and Doug have made their way to famous coasts all over the world! Doug shreds on his surfboard every chance he gets, and has pursued the waves in Fiji, Hawaii, Indonesia, Bali (for their honeymoon!), and beyond. 

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Lake Tahoe Engagement Session :: West Lake Tahoe, CA Dave & Josie



When you have friends who are really, really ridiculously good looking… a plain-jane engagement session is simply NOT an option. 

Nope, it requires gorgeous outfits, an EPIC location, and maybe a smoke bomb in there, too… for good measure. So for Dave and Josie, we planned a trip to Lake Tahoe (in the peak of the #snowpocalypse) for an engagement session that would prove to be unforgettable!

Dave and Josie’s story is a modern romance: they met online, traveled the world together, got engaged next to a unicorn… *record scratch* Yup, that’s right — a unicorn! These two are a ‘work hard, play hard’ type, and their kind of love is adventurous and larger than life. 

Their engagement session at Chambers Landing in West Lake Tahoe was on FIRE! (Well actually, it was really really icy…). Josie looked like a beautiful snow princess (a la Elsa from Frozen), and these two hotties completely WORKED IT in the cold! Despite freezing temperatures and subzero winds, they ‘let it go’ and were all smiles and all heart-eyes for each other.

It’s safe to say this engagement session was one for the books! We are OBSESSED!

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Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Wedding ::
San Diego, CA
Danilo & Charlene

Danilo and Charlene are the type of people who make your heart SMILE.

He’s a graphic designer from Brazil, whose kind eyes will stop you in your tracks. She’s a marketing specialist from Guam whose sweet smile and electric laugh could soften anyone. And together, this couple is gracious, gorgeous, and their love for each other is evident from the moment you lay eyes on them. 

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Bauman Lunch ::
Holiday Fiesta Edition
Old Town, San Diego

The holidays are for celebrating! And here at Bauman Photographers, we celebrate the holidays the San Diego way: with Mexican food, non-stop sunny weather, and plenty of wacky photos to capture the awesomeness. 

Together with some of our FAVORITE people, Sarah and Sally (the masterminds behind many events at the San Diego Museum of Art), we ventured into quaint, historic Old Town San Diego for our team holiday lunch. Cafe Cayote, one of Old Town’s landmarks in authentic, rustic Mexican cuisine, served up a meal that was oh-so-delicioso! Burritos, taquitos, and tacos – OH MY! When it comes to fresh ingredients and delicious plates, Cafe Cayote is really giving us something to taco-bout. #tacopuns #chipsandsalsafordays

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The Crossings at Carlsbad Wedding :: San Diego, CA Josh & Jamie

Okay, y’all – prepare yourselves for some SERIOUS elegance. Josh and Jamie’s wedding at The Crossings at Carlsbad is chock-full of breathtaking moments!! 

Their Carlsbad Engagement Session gave us a sneak-peek into how genuinely content these two are together. That ‘at home’ feeling they share spills over into their interactions with others, and each guest went in and out of Jamie and Josh’s wedding with a FULL heart. It’s just contagious when you’re around these two!! 

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Harbor Island Park Wedding :: San Diego, CA Mike & Meghan

Of all things, Mike and Meghan met at an Egg Nog Party. And as they say, the rest is history! 

Their contrasting personalities have been the perfect match: Meghan has introduced Mike to the art of yoga (she’s an instructor), and Mike has taught Meghan, a self-professed “Type A,” the true art of couch lounging. Because we all need a little Netflix!  Mike has a quiet strength, and Meghan has an energy that feels like she’s about to burst into dancing at ANY moment! They each recognize the beauty and balance that the other introduces to their lives, and together they make for a stellar team. 

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Farmer & The Seahorse Wedding :: San Diego, CA Lisa & Antony

Antony and Lisa’s wedding was the perfect representation of their personalities: the best kind of balance.

Their sweet ceremony was emotional and full of beautiful, quiet moments – not a dry eye in that garden! Fast-forward to their reception, and it was a crazy, EPIC dance party that didn’t quit.

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Liberty Station Wedding :: San Diego, CA Jeff & Ashley

We can’t say that we weren’t warned.

At our very first meeting, Ashley and Jeff already knew that their wedding would include some surprises – surprises for EVERYBODY. Their friends and family are hilarious – the type of hilarious that has you doubled over in laughter, yet you want to stand up and shake their hands for being so darn clever – and they are known for pulling surprises at any major event. So we can’t say we were that surprised when Jeff was escorted in by Stormtroopers at his ceremony! Total. Bonus. Points.

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Indian Puja Engagement Ceremony :: San Diego, CA Pritha & Luve

Are you ready for some amazing COLOR? Pritha and Luve’s Indian Puja Engagement Ceremony was exploding with vibrant color, rich culture, and authentic joy!

One of our favorite parts about photographing these beautiful cultural celebrations is capturing such an important moment in two families’ lives: Pritha and Luve publicly declaring their love and devotion to each other. They offer prayers and blessings, and the couple is adorned with meaningful, traditional gifts that honor their commitment to each other. The parents also take a moment to offer each other symbols of respect – it is incredibly beautiful to witness!

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Engagement Albums by Bauman Photographers

In our studio, we believe your epic love stories are worth telling –  and worth preserving  – from start to finish!

Which is why we love to photograph our couples in their natural habitats – strutting in your favorite heels and wearing your favorite watch, flirting as you walk to your favorite downtown hotspot. This is why we LOVE engagement sessions with our fabulous couples!

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The Prado Wedding Album :: San Diego, CA Gabe & EmyLou

There really is no better package waiting by our doorstep than one of these lovely leather-bound albums. We uh-dore the soft, rich leather, the crisp images, the lovely simple designs – but most of all, we love reliving the story of our couples’ wedding days.

Gabe and EmyLou’s wedding at The Prado is no exception, and we absolutely could not wait to see it printed in one of our flushmount albums! We love that the sweet, silly, and just stunning moments throughout the day are told in this legacy book, something this couple will be able to pull out and share for years to come. Plus, Gabe & EmyLou looked seriously GORGEOUS on their wedding day – and who wouldn’t want to relive that all the time?

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Featured: Exquisite Weddings :: Inspiration Shoot

Drum roll, please…. We are SO excited to finally announce that our recent inspiration shoot has been featured! Check it out here on the Exquisite Weddings blog!

When you have a DREAM TEAM of fabulous wedding vendors on your side, a day full of inspiring images is that much more amazing. To start the year off on an exciting note, we teamed with some of our favorite creatives from the wedding industry to do what we do best: create. And we’re SO excited to finally share these gorgeous images!

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Your Engagement Session Guide The Perfect Glam Outfit

We’ve been there. Pulling outfit after outfit from the closet, wandering the mall with a vague-but-vital picture in our heads of the perfect ‘look,’ bringing our men BACK to the mall and using what precious little time we have to outfit him before he tires of the shopping… Girl, we feel you. There is no shortage of sympathy from us as we help our couples pick the best outfits for their engagement session. The outfit selection portion of the photo session experience can be one of the difficulties. BUT it doesn’t have to be.

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The Key to a Stress-Free Wedding The Timeline That Will Knock Your Socks Off

There’s nothing better than a stress-free wedding day: when everything runs like clockwork, wedding party and family are on time for photos, and all your hard work in the gym has paid off because DAMN... you look smokin' in that dress. Though it sounds too good to be true, you can have the smooth-sailing wedding day of your dreams. After years of shooting weddings of all shapes and sizes, we can attest to the fact that your secret weapon is a well-planned wedding timeline.

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Why We Love a First Look (And Why You Will, Too)

You’ve probably heard the stories from both sides: the magic of seeing each other for the first time at your wedding ceremony when you walk down the aisle, OR the perfect intimacy of getting to see one another in private before your ceremony - what we like to call the First Look. As your wedding day is approaching, we wanted to take a minute to share why we LOVE the First Look, and why we think you will love it just as much!

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Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Glamorous Wedding

The no-fail way to look uh-mazing on your wedding day? Surround yourself with a really, really ridiculously good-looking posse. But for real! Making sure your bridal party looks their best will elevate the whole look of your day. Our brides have impeccable taste, and it extends beyond their own stylish choices for themselves — polished, happy bridesmaids will make you look stunning! 

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Carlsbad Engagement | San Diego, CA Josh and Jamie

When we first sat down with Josh and Jamie in our studio, we immediately felt right at home. After bonding over shared Netflix favorites and hearing their desire for bold, polished images, we knew this was a photography match Made. In. Heaven.

During their Carlsbad engagement session, we began by photographing this active pair in their natural habitat: Batiquitos Lagoon. It’s one of Josh and Jamie’s favorite places to walk their golden retriever, Rider! These guys are so fun to watch together – the way Josh looks over at Jamie says how much he truly adores her. Nothing makes us happier than to capture those real glances of love.

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How to Savor Your Wedding Day

You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl. People will tell you that your wedding day will be a blur, but we don’t believe that has to be true. If you take the time to stop, pause, and savor throughout your wedding, you will be able to soak in all of the special moments and remember them! On your wedding day, you want to be as cool as a cucumber. Whether you’re jumping on the bed with your bestie, smelling the flowers in your bouquet, or falling in love with your new husband all over again once you see his killer moves on the dance floor, your heart will be melting like a popsicle on the Fourth of July. You’ll smile knowing that all your dreams have become a reality. We’ve compiled 5 easy tips that will prepare you for this dream day full of laughter, memory making, and energy!

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Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding Album | San Diego, CA

As we reminisce on Chris and Dana’s Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding, what stands out most is their genuine excitement just to be together. And their images prove their enthusiasm – they are showin’ off such huge, joyful smiles throughout the whole day! Their charming wedding was a collection of romantic scenes straight from a fairytale, and we couldn’t wait to see their sweet story told in one of our leather-bound wedding albums.

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Mission Trails Engagement :: San Diego, CA Alexa & Matt

Alexa and Matt both love exploring the unknown: traveling to new places, trying new things, and surrounding themselves with beauty along the way. So, in a way, it’s not surprising that when Matt was given Alexa’s phone number from her mom, he actually took her up on it!

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Hotel Del Coronado Wedding Album :: San Diego, CA Brad & Martin

From start to finish, Brad and Martin’s wedding was a truly extraordinary celebration of their love story. We were ELATED to see their gorgeous wedding images featured in print in EQL Wedding and Destinations Magazine, but we really couldn’t wait to see them printed in one of our beautiful albums! Crisp, colorful lustre pages capture the true vibrancy of the day: A sunny afternoon on Hotel Del Coronado’s beautiful beach, transitioned into an evening of gorgeously lit dancing! This handcrafted, leather-bound album will stand the test of time, preserving Brad and Martin’s wedding day story for generations!

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Darlington House Wedding :: San Diego, CA Tracy & Phil

Tracy and Phil are a dynamic duo. They complement each other like salt and pepper, chips and salsa, peanut butter and jelly, Simon and Garfunkel…ahem, you get the point. As one friend said in her toast, these two are “the same kind of weird.” But isn’t that the best? They never stop laughing, and we are obsessed with their HUGE smiles during their wedding ceremony at USD Founder’s Chapel.

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Paradise Point Wedding :: San Diego, CA Kate & Reed

Kate and Reed are like two best friends who can read each other’s minds and make each other fall over from laughing so hard. They could spend every second of every day together, and they’d probably never get sick of it. A true testament to their energetic personalities, this couple was crackin’ up their friends and family all day, while nevertheless savoring the beauty and rarity of this kind of love.

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Old Town Wedding :: San Diego, CA Saba & Kristina

Saba and Kristina’s wedding was everything you’d expect from a couple with a knack for grandeur. This theater-loving pair, who got engaged on a rooftop in Morocco (right?!), were married on the stage at the Cygnet Theatre. Did we mention their ceremony backdrop was the current production’s set? Needless to say, it was a pretty amazing day.

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Balboa Park Wedding :: San Diego, CA Ailyn & Brandon

We’ve been excited for this wedding ever since we met Ailyn and Brandon! Their gorgeous Coronado Engagement Session was enough to convince us that this couple is awesome. These two were introduced at a holiday work party, and their chemistry just made sense! For them, “opposites attract” really does ring true: it’s that balance of Ailyn’s energy and Brandon’s chill that makes this union perfect.

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Gaslamp Quarter Engagement :: San Diego, CA Amber & Andrew

Amber and Andrew are great friends of our very own Bronson, so we’ll take any excuse to hang out with them! It’s sort of a bonus that, aside from being an absolutely gorgeous couple, these two are also up for anything! We had a blast hanging out in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego, capturing some gorgeous engagement photos. Their chemistry is insane, and it totally shows – we couldn’t be more excited about how these images turned out!

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Coronado Island Marriott Wedding :: San Diego, CA Amber & Andrew

Attending a close friend’s wedding is an incredible experience all on its own. Add in the fact that the groom is another great friend of yours, and it’s even more special! But being invited to photograph the whole wedding? Now THAT is a recipe for a truly spectacular day! It’s such a privilege to capture so many important moments, especially when it’s someone you’ve known forever! One of our awesome team members, Bronson, has known Amber and her family since childhood, and he was so, SO happy that she tied the knot with someone as fun and charming as Andrew!

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The Wedding Bowl Wedding :: La Jolla, CA Luba & Aaron

Luba and Aaron’s whimsical wedding day was the perfect representation of this charming couple’s love for life and for each other. We’ve known Luba for a few years now – she was one of our FABulous interns – and she’s always known how to liven up whatever space she’s in: the studio, the wedding altar…you name it! Which is why we weren’t too surprised to see her and Aaron dancing down the aisle…barefoot!

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Paradise Point Wedding :: San Diego, CA Alycia & Vance

Alycia and Vance’s gorgeous Paradise Point wedding was like being whisked off on a furtive weekend escape to a verdant tropical island. The ceremony itself was tucked away in this lush, hidden area – it felt like we were in a secret garden! Even the little details, like the dangling keys on the table name cards,  added to the sense that an invitation to this wedding was about being on a covert getaway.

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A Balboa Park Proposal :: San Diego, CA Caitlin & Shane

Have we got a heart-melting day on the blog for all of you today, our dear internet friends. This isn’t just any engagement session – this is an ACTUAL engagement! Shane and Caitlin are a downright charming couple from Arizona that loves exploring, watching their favorite shows together, and one another (obvi). So much so, that Shane had planned the perfect proposal at Balboa Park to ask this gorgeous girl to spend her life with him.

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Bauman Break :: The Bouquet Toss Bouquet Toss Bootcamp

An average employee may spend the precious minutes of their work-break spinning around in an office chair or staring at the walls of a beige cubicle. Others may wait by the microwave as it reheats those crusty leftovers from spaghetti night, or perhaps spend a few rousing minutes around the water cooler – all before dragging their feet back to their desk. Sounds like a case of The Mondays, am I right?

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