San Diego Actor Headshots

Market your talent and make a memorable impression with professional headshots – perfect for actors, models, and musicians.

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San Diego Actor Headshots

If you are a creative professional, a high-quality, expressive headshot is your most important marketing tool.

Your headshot is the first thing a talent agent or casting director sees – so it must stand out from the pool of competition and communicate your personality in a natural, captivating way.

Our Actor Headshots are for aspiring actors, artists, and musicians living in the thriving artist community in Southern California – from San Diego to Los Angeles and every zip code in between.

Your headshot experience with our team is personal and engaging – we take a collaborative approach to understand what your career goals are, and we’ll review your images as we are shooting so that we are creating exactly what you need to drive your career forward.

We are skilled in directing you to reveal multiple looks and moods for the multi-layered artist you are, because we know that perfect lighting and pretty styling aren’t everything – a truly compelling acting headshot evokes emotion.

Actor Headshots begin at $400 and are located here in our San Diego studio. Learn more about our collaborative process and book your session with us below!

Our Actor Headshot Services

We are more than just your headshot photographers – we collaborate with you on all aspects of your session to plan a unique look tailored for your success. Learn about our actor headshot photography services below:


Local Studio

Your session will take place in our beautiful studio located in central San Diego, where we have a green room for dressing and hair + makeup, plus a 4,000 square foot shooting space.

On-Site Image Review

Have you ever just crossed your fingers that your photo shoot turned out? You won’t need to do that with us – we will review your images together throughout the session to be sure you adore them (and we’ll keep shooting if you don’t!).

Versatile Looks

Our studio offers you multiple backdrop options to suit your needs best. We have everything from standard white, black, and grey to more colorful options to help your headshot stand out.

Full Licensing

Your final selections are fully licensed for your use and will be delivered as high-resolution digital downloads. Your first image is included with your session, and you only purchase what you need beyond that.

Hair & Makeup Available

You deserve the celebrity treatment! We highly recommend all of our clients invest in working with our onsite makeup artist, who will meet you in our green room prior to your session! Professional makeup makes a huge difference in the way you look and feel.


Professional Retouching

Every image you select will receive professional retouching by our in-house editing team, so you’ll always look your best. (See our post-production examples below!)


Post-Production Examples

Our post-production team is a bunch of magicians – at least we think so! Check out a few before and afters below to see what’s possible with post-production. If you’ve got any questions, let us know.

Level One Retouching

With our basic headshot retouching, we'll complete light and natural retouching including gentle wrinkle smoothing, flyaway hair removal, and blemish softening. (Included with all final headshot selections.)

Level Two Retouching

If you need something more in-depth for your portraits such as braces removal, opening closed eyes, head swaps, or eyeglass glare removal, this falls under our Level Two Retouching for $20/image.

Subject Separation

We can remove the subject from the photo (or create a fully blown out white background) for just $20/image. Just let us know what you need!

Backdrop Replacement

For a different color backdrop (or a new setting altogether), inquire with us for a backdrop replacement (Pricing is $30/image).

Our Proven Process

Curious about what it’s like to work with us for your Actor Headshots? Below is our proven process that we use with our clients to ensure that your experience is seamless (and enjoyable!) from start to finish.

1. Create a Game Plan

First, we’ll hop on the phone together to talk about your individual headshot needs. When you arrive at your session, we’ll sit down together to map out your session and select the best outfits.

2. Capture Amazing Images

This is the fun part! We’ll create 5-6 unique looks together here in our professional studio located in central San Diego. Our goal is to capture your personality and make sure you look (and feel) AMAZING!

3. Curate Together

After your session is complete, we will make your selections together. If we need to keep shooting to make any adjustments, we’ll definitely do that – and by the end of the session, you’ll walk away knowing you adore your new images!

4. Complete Post-Production

After your session, our in-house editing team will put the finishing touches on your images so they look their very best. Within a week (or less) of your session, your final high-resolution images will be posted in an online gallery.

5. Celebrate!

The grand finale: You will walk away with headshots that you absolutely LOVE and be one step closer to locking down your dream role. Hooray!

“My session was super interactive – I was given perfect direction but also super encouraged to be me in front of the camera without judgment. I never felt rushed. I expected to like one or two photos, but not only were there so many photos to choose from, there were so many that I liked! To this day, I’ve used my professional headshot in so many places: it’s a classic shot I’ve been able to use over and over again!”

Evelyn M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove my laugh lines?

For any image selected for licensing and retouching, our editing team will do basic retouching so that you look your very best. This often includes smoothing skin, removing flyaway hairs, and softening wrinkles. If you have any specific requests, please let us know and we’re happy to see what we can do!

What color backdrops do you offer?

We use a standard grey or white backdrop for most of our headshots, but we also offer many other colors in our San Diego studio (black, pink, blue, yellow, and more!). Let us know where you’ll be using your headshots, and we may be able to offer a recommendation on what would be best for you.

What should I wear?

We recommend clean, crisp, and simple. Interesting necklines and bold colors plus a few neutral options (black, white, or grey) are a must!

Be sure to steam or iron your clothes before the shoot, and opt to change into your outfit once you arrive to avoid wrinkling. Avoid bold patterns and chunky jewelry, and keep it simple and classic.

When in doubt, bring a few options and we’ll help you decide!

How will I select which images I want?

Your photographer will review the images with you in-person to be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. You’ll be able to select your final images then, or keep shooting if you want to make any adjustments!

Do you recommend that I get my hair and makeup done?

For best results, we recommend getting your hair and makeup done, and we can help get that set up for you!

We have an onsite hair and makeup artist that will meet you for your appointment immediately prior to your session, either here in our studio or at your location.

What if I can’t just choose one image?

If you want to select more images from your session, you may either choose to pre-purchase a collection of images OR select additional images with your photographer on-site at your session. 

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