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Every year we have a “family day” – it’s usually the day after Thanksgiving, but this year it got bumped to Saturday. Being the interesting (and somewhat weird) family that we are, recent destinations have included exotic locations such as Julian and Tijuana. The choices for this year’s excursion were left to San Clemente and Mount Palomar. Knowing that a trip to San Clemente would leave us shopping all day, I cast my vote towards Mount Palomar. Somehow my mother was convinced that a day in the mountains would be better, and so my father and I escaped a day people of watching outside stores as we all ventured up the 15.
Now what we weren’t aware of was the weather. For those of you who didn’t know, Palomar sits at a lofty 5000ft or so, and the air temperature in late November reflected that. To go along with temperatures in the upper 30’s, there was thick fog and a stiff wind. I decided I’d try to bring San Diego along with me, and showed up in shorts and a t-shirt. I figured I was doing pretty good just to put shoes on and bring a jacket (normally you can find me in flip flops), but was I in for a surprise. In the end, it was a fun trip, and once we got moving around, you hardly noticed the weather.
Anyone get anything cool at the sales this weekend? I personally was able to pick up a waterproof jacket for 70% off!!!! If you haven’t checked out the REI outlet (online), I’d recommend it. Although, unless you’re a size small, there might not be much to choose from. There are some benefits to being on the shorter side, I suppose.

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