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Random thought of the week-
Has anyone ever seen an online fortune cookie? Is that a good idea or what!?

The thing about post-whirlwind is that there is still that leftover tail-spin. We are slowly catching up around here and although the place may not look like it should quite yet, we are getting it there. There is still plenty of work to be done. I saw “Pride and Prejudice” this weekend and although you will not often find me promoting movies here on the blog (especially “chick flicks”), I can’t resist giving a plug for this one. The cinematography is great including breathtaking scenes of beauty in the British countryside. Last weekend’s wedding (I promised I’d say some more) was great – I’ve been in touch with Craig and Valerianne for the past year and they have been a delight. We took some great pictures which was made especially easy because the reception was at the Westgate hotel downtown. It is stunning and for those who havn’t had the Westgate brunch, I’d highly recommend that as well. I feel a little like a living banner ad with all of my plugs today, Sorry.

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