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I have something funny to say.

Do you know that people think Jared and I are dating? I don’t blame them, we show up at Bridal Bazaars together and I take his checks to the bank. So, I just wanted to tell all of cyber space, just for the record, that Jared and I are only friends.

Actually, I have been dating this adorable, intelligent, motorcycle-riding, gourmet meal cooking, goofy broadway dancing, he-can-fix-anything-like-MacGyver sort of guy for about a year and a half now. His name is Andrew, and I love him.

But back to the original topic, Jared and I are only friends. I’ve known him since the early years of high school and I’ve known Bronson since elementary school.

…call me if you want to hear any funny/embarrassing stories about them!!!


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