My holiday weekend


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Highlights from our weekend:

– Friday night Bronson, Megan, and I went and checked out the “Welk Christmas Musical”, staring our very own Jill and Robert (May 29, 2005). This is the third show we’ve been to of theirs since we shot their wedding, and every time they impress me more and more. Robert was the lead in “Miss Saigon” at Starlight this summer and we saw Jill in ” ” this October. This was the first show I’ve seen with both of them in – sooo much fun seeing them sing a duet together. You can see a slideshow of their wedding on our website; their website is
– Saturday involved tree decorating at home (pictures soon to come) and then Brenda and Gabino’s wedding. I’ll post more about them later this week when I have some shots to show you guys, but it was a blast. I got off early enough to head over to a friends Christmas party; we stayed up late into the night playing Scatagories (spelling??). I did manage to acquire some awesome popcorn bowls at the white elephant gift exchange 🙂
– Sunday morning I awoke to an early Christmas present – the Chargers beating the Colts! An amazing game to watch; hopefully they’ll still make the playoffs.

Now if I only I could find a good gift for my sister . . .


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