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I never really order dessert at restaurants and Megan and I don’t buy many sweets so these past few weeks have taken a toll on the ‘ol tummy. I have eaten enough pie to consider entering myself in a contest…The funny thing is, has anyone of our 11 readers of this blog actually witnessed a real pie-eating contest? Or do they only happen in movies/the midwest in the 19th century? Just curious…I’d love to hear froom someone who has seen one. Or been in one. That would be even better.
Anyway, a great holiday season was had by all and of course the new fisheye had to be played with. My dad wanted to get in for a closer look at it.

We spent Christmas eve and morning with the Pate side (my side) of the family in Point Loma and the afternoon of Christmas with the Powell side (Megan’s side) in San Bernardino. The only traffic was near North County Fair where a driver had hit a hefty 10 point buck and then pushed/dragged it down the road about 50 yards with his Honda accord. People slowed down for that one. Thankfully that was the only traffic/carnage this holiday season. If you’d like to contribute a holiday story or recipe, please just post to this blog!

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