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For those of you who have visited Yosemite and those of you who have been camping, we all know that in their own way, each of those activities can be fun. When you combine them, it just becomes crazy. Last weekend marked my first snow-camping experience and it lived up to every expectation I had. Jared has gone tent camping every winter in Yosemite with his college roommates for 5 years now and I finally got invited. I had heard stories of the bitter cold, the sleeping on ice in a tent, the legendary not-so-gourmet camping food etc, but had never experienced it myself. I can now say that despite almost losing a few toes to the snow queen and frostbite fairy, I survived and enjoyed every moment (despite being away from Megan [my wife] for 4 days). Below are some photos – It is always a good idea to pack two professional photographers with you on every trip. Let us know if you are going anywhere notable soon and we’ll be glad to join you…Right Jared?

Bronson: This is our campsite at night – complete with snow covered tents etc. exposure details: 15 sec @ f/2.8 – note lantern light behind tent. subjects were lit with 4/D cell Mag Lite.

Landscape above: a 15 second exposure at night again (do you see the airplane?)

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