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Jared asked me in an email to post this for him:

Hello all! I’m currently on the North Island of New Zealand, about ready to head over the Australia for a few weeks. I just wanted to say hello and let our 11 readers know all is well. I’ve been having a blast and the photography is amazing! Honestly, I’m sure I’ve gotten at least a few good shots! Below are some highlights of my trip so far:

1. I get to have two summers in one year!
2. I found out that summer in New Zealand includes A LOT of rain and wind. (A LOT)
3. I found out that a lot of rain and wind does not produce good driving conditions.
4. I found out that when hiding from poor driving conditions in the safety of your car on the side of the road, you shouldn’t leave your battery running.
5. I found out that the locals are super helpful, especially when trying to find a way to jump start your rental car in the middle of a rain storm.
6. I later found out that “severe gale” means 80mph winds, and that winds that strong can rip the concrete off of the center divide and fly into your rental car.
7. Once again, I found out that the locals are kind and helpful when the construction company that was working on the road offered to pay for the damage to my rental car.

Despite all of these little bumps in the road that I’ve had to go through, I realize more and more that a combination of a great attitude and great company can help you through anything.

I really am having a lot of fun right now. I am so excited to show all of you my pictures! In a way, when I take pictures, it is like you are all here with me…because I know you’ll get to see what I’m seeing…I just hope my photos will do this place justice.

Take care!


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