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Hello all-

Knowing that blogs are for posting things that are fresh on one’s mind, it would make the most sense for me to write about last night… (This is a great line because for most people, anything could follow the “about last night…” line and it’s usually something crazy or scary or racy [note:all of the three aforementioned words contain the letters y-a-r-and c. weird eh?] but hey, this is Bronson Pate blogging. Don’t expect such outlandishness.)
As you all know, Pictage.com is our personalized wedding website that allows us and you to post your wedding online, see the photos, make changes, and order incredible products, books, prints, DVD’s and rugalah or baklava with your photos pasted to it. You may not be able to find the last item easily on the ordering menu…It takes a little digging. The moral of the story: Pictage has made our lives a heck of a lot easier around here. The best part is that they are always looking for ways to improve. Henceforth and hitherto, they began PUG. No, they did not invent the breed of dog, that took place hundreds of years ago by a man named Winifred Pug. You should have seen his face. Just picture the dog and add 250 pounds. Carrying on now, PUG stands for Pictage User Group and we happen to host the meetings here in our cozy studio! We had our monthly meeting last night and I ended up being here until 9:00 which brings us back to why it is most fresh on my mind – because about 11 hours later I was right back in the studio. (only after duking it out with 10 trillion cars on the 8 West this morning to get to work…Grrrr silly accidents) This concludes my story about my crazy, racy and scary night last night.

Note to Lindsay and Jared:
Boy, I really know how to keep our readers hooked in eh? Just write about your business meetings and they’ll read for hours on end! What joy, what intensity, what rapturous reading material!

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