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Jeff and Jer always talk about their “11 listeners” – which is funny because Jared, and my wife Megan and I would represent 28% of their listeners. I don’t think so. However, I wouldn’t be too surprised if our readership reflected such numbers!
Moving on, Jared and I spent our morning with the gang at Star 94.1 and had a great time. Each person is funny in their own way and they were all grateful and appreciative. We were there to take photos of their second-hand thrift store outfits which included a jogging suit on Jeff, an islander/vacation themed outfit by Jer, Laura sported some $250 Burberry capri’s ($6 at Baras) and a cute sweater. Rick bought a great looking suit – he and Laura were far from camera-shy and they both modeled for us out in the hallway. Randy accidentally bought a womens shirt and Tommy wore a coat in which the sleeves went practically to his knees. Check the website for the photos – – they had to use the quick ones that the assistant took for voting purposes but we spent some time taking candids of everyone in the studio that turned out great. It was funny that their radio personalities matched their real-life ones exactly. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on our future events with them.
We had tons of fun and look forward to many more!

One of our agreements was that we would not use any of the photos for our own promotional purposes. Including the blog. We’ll get some that we can use eventually though.

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