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The 2006 NFL draft is coming up this weekend and every season ticket holder, fantasy player, radio show host, sports writer, and Secretary of State (Condy Rice is a huge NFL fan) is studying mock draft after mock draft to find out which franchise-changing player is going to get taken in Round 1 by their team and lead them to the Superbowl. There is no doubt football is the biggest and most lucrative (billions per year just in TV and ad revenue) professional sport in the world when the DRAFT is a covered live, with analysis, for two days straight. Offseason? What offseason?

Alas, for Chargers fans, our free-agent signings and draft hopes riding high are no match for the recent news two Chargers linebackers were arrested by the SDPD in two separate incidents this week. They won’t be in jail for the season, but players getting mixed up in such things are unlikely to be dedicating themselves to the intense offseason workouts and single-minded focus that builds Superbowl caliber teams of relentless heart and ultimate preparation. Oh, and the GM wants to trade away Donnie Edwards, and the city isn’t going to build a new stadium, so the Chargers may leave our fair city in coming years.

That said, THIS year at least, Jared, my new season ticket partner and new coworker, and I are looking forward to the coming season, win or lose. Look for us in Upper View section 1 Row 19 seats 13 and 14! Go Bolts! Here are some camera phone pictures from my seats last year…(this year we’ll use high-res digital camera with a telephoto lens)…

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