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It has been a good year. And I’m not talking about my new tires.

This has been one fantastic job. I was able to work with two of my best friends from childhood, I was introduced to the wedding industry (never thought I’d like it so much), I acquired skills that I always wanted to own (photo editing with Capture One and Photoshop), I discovered that I love marketing, I made friends with a ton of newly weds (maybe if I get married in the near future we can double date!), I also made friends with some soon-to-be-newly weds (I wish you all the best on your wedding day and all of the days to follow), and I got to redecorate! I love redecorating.

So, this leads me to let you in on the fact that this is my last day at Bauman Photography. Yes, I am retiring. I’ll be living in Cancun for the rest of my life if you want to come and visit.

Actually, I am staying in San Diego.

I plan on substitute teaching, and hopefully I will enjoy my time in the classroom. My tentative plan is to get my teaching credential so that I might bestow unto 9th graders the thrills and joys that come with mastering mathematical equations. I am also interested in becoming a tutor for those that want to master the SAT or ACT.

One of my brides, Skrizzy, informed me that there is money to be made in commercials. So, if any agents are reading this blog right now, I just want you to know that I would be more than willing to star in any nationally broadcasted commercials that you have lying around.

Also, if anyone wants to pay me to redecorate their house, I’d be happy to oblige.

I am also skilled in the art of decorating tables for parties. Call me.

But seriously folks, I will miss you. All of you 11 readers. And Jared and Bronson. And ZAGOOD.

On a happier note:

Today is the anniversary of President Lincoln’s assasination.
Today is also International Moment of Laughter Day.
Go figure.

God bless,

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