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Photography-inspired posts like my last one will be few and far between since I don’t spend much time behind the lens.

Bronson and Jared always get to blog about their work–photography. You REALLY don’t want me to blog about my work. I already posted a picture of my grand view from my desk. Lindsay posted pictures of flowers and blogged about the South Beach Diet. My life is less interesting–lived in the shadows of other people’s big adventures. I sat at home, cleaned, and enjoyed some good meals this weekend. Of course, there was someone close to me having some amazing experience. My friend Danielle, my girlfriend, rode in a NASCAR stock car on Saturday. Five laps at 160mph with a professional driver. The pics to prove my nose hasn’t gotten any longer:

And here’s to another weekend well spent for me…good thing Jared is throwing a party for me to attend NEXT Saturday. Hopefully that will be blogworthy.

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