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So – hey again! About a week ago, our editing computers went down as we tried to implement a new network system over here. Now, I figured a week without editing would hurt a little, but I had no idea how far behind it could set us. So . . . we got them working over the weekend . . . and started the catch-up process. We just weren’t making quite enough headway, though, and so we decided to do a bit of a “lock-in” down here at the studio. After leaving at our usual time yesterday, I returned at midnight to start working and Bronson dropped by at about 2:30am. So I’m going on my 9th hour, Bronson his 7th, and its only 8:30am! We’re figuring we can get totally caught up by just working through the day, but I’m really thinking that lovely black leather couch we have is looking awfully nice. But the best part – we should be pretty much all caught up after today!!!


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