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I’ve been working here at Bauman Photography for a week so I suppose I should go ahead and introduce myself.

I’m Julie Bauman,(yes that’s right, another Bauman) Jared’s little sister. I just finished my first year at UCLA and am down here in lovely San Diego for the summer, here to assist these boys in the craziness that is wedding season.

Thus you’re looking at the newest member of the Bauman Photo team, the Studio Assistant. I’m basically here to make the boys lives easier, which is desperately needed considering all the time they’re currently putting in.

I became Kaz’s subject today as I was going about my daily tasks, and there you have it – in action shots of Julie!

I’m quite happy to be working here for the summer, these boys sure work hard but they know how to keep the mood light. Never a dull moment here on Grape Street!

So much Bauman in one picture I can hardly take it. I’m looking forward to the summer and getting to know all the brides and other clients I get to work with! Seeing the interworkings of a business is definitely very cool. I suppose that’s all for now, but I’m sure I’ll be back to blog soon enough!

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