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Ok, so I’m not normally a huge fan of posting things like this, but I couldn’t help it – it really made our day down here! One of our long time favorite brides – Quisteen – dropped by a lovely package and thank you card today for us. Bronson and I shot her and Sean’s wedding on October 21st this year – it was honestly a gorgeous day and a wonderful wedding! There are SO many awesome shots of the two of them alone – we haven’t quite finished editing everything but they already look so good!

Thanks so much for the gift, you two! Quisteen also brought in such a sweet thank you letter that really sumarizes what we hope to accomplish at every wedding:

Dear Bronson and Jared,

Thank you so very much for making our wedding day so special! We truely enjoyed your presence and company – you are funny, kind, thoughtful, considerate, attentive, personable, accomodating, organized, and extremely efficient! You kept us calm and reassured us that everything would work out whenever there was a delay; you made sure we had something to drink after we had just greeted our family and friends; you kindly cleared the dock at the lake so that we could have photos taken by the water; you suprised us at the dinner reception with the beautiful photos you had taken earlier in the day; and, you even had all the guests ready for us to have photos taken with them. Thank you for making everything so easy for us.
And many, many thanks for suprising us with the beautiful slideshow of our wedding day upon our return from the honeymoon. We can’t say enough about how talented and brilliant you are. Even as well as we knew you and the outstanding work you do, we were amazed by the totally awesome slideshow – it capture not only the joy and happiness that we felt on our wedding day, but also every aspect of our wedding and reception. Your slideshow has received so many compliments from our family and friends! Beware, your fan base is growing exponentially!
While the day started with you being our wedding photographers, it ended with you being a very special part of our family.

Quisteen and Sean
October 21, 2006

She also brought in an entire page of emails she had gotten back with regards to the pictures! Talk about a great way to start this Thanksgiving weekend!
Quisteen and Sean’s Slideshow

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. Bronson and I feel so blessed to be able to work with all of you on such a special occasion in your lives – thank you for giving us the opportunity. God bless!

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