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Today Bronson let me use the camera! Actually, I asked him if I could and had to promise I would keep the strap around my neck. Here are some things I learned:

1. the lens is flipping heavy… this is reason enough to limit my photography to the Canon 360 my fabulous fiance just purchased.

2. zooming, focusing, and clicking the “take the picture” button are close to impossible to do if trying to get an “action” shot.

3. the shot above is going to be framed and hanging in my new home. Despite it being my first photograph taken with professional equipment, and since working in a photography studio, it still turned out a-ok and I kind of like it.

915 W. Grape Street. This is the front of our lovely studio, and the second in my photography attempts. None of our neighbors have decorated for Christmas, but we do have a beautiful Christmas tree lot just one block up, and whenever I walk to Starbucks I breathe in the evergreen. 🙂

Today, Friday, is trash day here on Grape Street. On a normal trash day the big trash truck drives down the alley, stopping at each can, and dumping the trash from the can into the truck. Today, however, the trash truck could not get down the alley. Another truck was blocking it. Instead of trying to find the owner of the smaller truck that was blocking the alley, the trash truck and its drivers decided to just honk their horn until the small truck moved. Needless to say the horn was quite loud. I tried to make it outside to capture this beautiful and oh so courteous moment on film, but the trash truck left just as I snuck around the corner.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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