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As I’m sure many of you know, our very own Kristin Kalleberg got married this weekend. Bronson and I had the honor of shooting her wedding this Saturday, and it was a blast. This one was extra special for us, mainly because we’ve gotten to know her so well over the last few months (working in as small of a studio as we do will do that . . . ). But we also have been able to watch the whole planning process as her and Glenn lined up all the details. It really gave me a new respect and appreciation for what all your couples are putting together – planning a wedding is so much work! Normally we only see it from the photography side, but this helped me to understand more of what goes into to the entire wedding.
In the end, the only hitch in the day was my car getting hit in the parking lot 5 minutes before the ceremony was to start. Thankfully one of the groomsmen noticed, because I was taking pictures and wouldn’t have seen it until the end of the night. The wedding was perfect and the reception was quite the party. Congrats you two – enjoy Hawaii!
Which brings me to my next point – its just Bronson and I down here for the next two weeks! I don’t think I’ve ever realized how much Kristin does 🙂 We’ll be a little swamped – bear with us if we’re a little slow responding to the emails!

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