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The annual winter camping trip to Yosemite Valley with the guys! Most of you probably are thinking: “wasn’t Jared just in Yosemite?” And you’re right – I was! I go up once in the winter with my family, and once with all the college roommates.
Most of you probably know how cold it was over the weekend . . . just to clarify – the Sierra’s were experiencing the same cold snap. I have been going up there for six years now to winter camp, and never before have I experienced temperatures near this cold. Keep in mind we’re tent camping . . . temps were down to 7 degrees the first night. Actually, it never made it above freezing the entire trip.
BUT – it was awesome! So much fun to hang out, go hiking, and really experience nature and God’s creation. Everyone think’s we’re crazy (and I guess I’m not really denying it) but we really have a good time with camping in the winter. And it makes this cold weather in San Diego feel downright balmy!

Half Dome – always gorgeous any time of year

The only time I moved more than three feet from that fire was to dive into my sleeping bag

The top of Nevada Falls – frozen over

Bronson “ice skating” – he was getting some serious distance!

This year’s group of guys: Bronson, Jared, John, and Jeremy. Don’t be fooled by our badass looks – we’re not 🙂

Back to the album grind! For those of you waiting on your albums, I promise we’re working our tails off to get them to you!

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