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For those of you who think we’ve given up weddings and event photography and moved on to solely work in and around Ireland, this posting will bring you back to what you are familiar with- Some of you may remember Alisa form a post I had about a month ago – Well, her Bat Mitzvah finally came and I got to shoot 3 different events that took place in various La Jolla locations
First was her Ceremony, then the Open House party at the family residence, and finally a kickin’ party for Alisa and her friends –

I was super impressed by the amount of memorizing that Alisa had to do for her readings…Very cool to see and hear.

The spread at the open house was quite impressive and you could see that all the family and friends were having a great time.One of the coolest features of the party had to be the Red Cheese Photo Booth – Everyone loved it and it was even fun to take photos of people in the booth getting ready to have their picture taken!
This girl has some talent!

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