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I’ll be honest with you – I’m not known for my writing skills . . . I’m the guy around the studio that’s always shouting out “shmorgasbord” in hopes that one of my intelligent co-workers has the correct spelling. Except usually the word is a lot simpler to spell than that 🙂
Anyways, with the collective effort of the rest of the team down here, I had an article published in this quarter’s issue of “San Diego Bride and Groom.” The article, titled Your Wedding Photographer: a Modern-day Artist, is all about the new age of wedding photography. I have to say – its actually a pretty good article!

Here’s an excerpt:

Modern day wedding photography, like much of the wedding industry, is heading in a new and dynamic direction. In an era where ecru has become the new white, traditional weddings are, by nature, becoming somewhat untraditional. Grooms in sandals, pets as members of the wedding party and saying “I do” on surfboards have all become less of an anomaly and more of a demonstration of the distinctive character that makes up each couple.
Today’s trends show us couples are no longer interested in standard wedding poses with forced smiles and perfect posture. Rather, the un-posed, candid photography that captures the couple’s own spontaneity and emotion is being sought after. By allowing couples to freely interact, uninhibited by the strains of posing, unique photographs that document each couple’s love can be attained. Bursts of laughter and squinted smiles are part of a couple’s everyday life; shouldn’t they be an integral part of their wedding images? Wedding photography has begun to emphasize capturing these expressions and moments, and thus provide the couple with photographs that are both unique and personal.

Also, our good friends Pepper and Mitch from Pepper Nix Photography out of Utah were featured for the wedding they shot at Las Rocas Resort – check out their blog. And thanks for the shout out!

And, lastly, if you’re wondering where they got the bio on me in the magazine, the answer is . . . I have no clue!

– Jared

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