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You may not even notice Jeff Roldan at your wedding. And that’s precisely what he prefers. “I like to keep a low profile,” says Roldan, founder of Roldan Productions, professional videography company.“We don’t show up with huge rigs and tons of lighting and stuff like that,” he reflects.“I like to keep things simple.”
With eight years experience in the wedding industry and a background in television, film and media productions, Roldan Productions’ goal is to capture on film the carefully planned details of your wedding—and the unforgettable candid moments that last only seconds—while also maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Its easy to see why his couples feel comfortable around him – his smile can put anyone at ease.“One of the recurring comments that we have is that we’re not obtrusive and that we go unnoticed at the events,” Roldan remarks.
However, the uplifting nature of weddings is what really drew him into wedding videography. “I realized the very happy and positive environment of weddings. It’s a good atmosphere to be around. Even in post production you find yourself smiling,” he reflects. “Plus,” he adds, “I love that people are inviting me to come to their party and their celebration.”
Utilizing a mixture of tripod and handheld shots, the one-to-two filmers at Roldan Productions zoom in on the details to capture the nuances of your wedding so you can treasure them forever. Whether you envision your wedding portrayed in a dramatic or basic manner, Roldan Productions can accommodate you—and make your wedding video one-of-a-kind.“Every wedding is different and has its own personality.”Offering three distinct styles of wedding videos, Jeff and the crew at Roldan Productions specialize in editing your event so it’s seamless. “We try to make every video unique. They’re entertaining, true to the events—and not cheesy,” he laughs. “Filming weddings is what I was born to do, so I know it’s going to be good.”

article written by Allison Harden

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Jeff ever since he filmed Bronson’s wedding. A consummate professional, Jeff has a wonderfully positive attitude on the wedding day that rubs off on everyone.” Jared Bauman, Bauman Photographers

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