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This past Thursday we took a (surprise) company trip to Disneyland for the day! Jared told me I had to be at the studio at 7:45am for a company meeting (he gets a little crazy about these company meetings, so I believed him! :)) but it turned into a trip to the happiest place on earth… sooo fun! The only bummer: Bronson and Megan were out of town so they couldn’t come along!

One of these bears almost clawed Jared’s face off… they look friendly, but they’re kind of crazy!

Space Mountain… the best ride EVER. And, for you avid Disneyland fans like me – not to worry, they have gotten rid of the ridiculously lame “Rockin’ Space Mountain” thing – it’s now back to the dance-worthy soundtrack and stars!

Left to right: Our crazy former intern Jacob, Kristin, Glenn (Kristin’s Chick fil A husband), Dayna (the newest intern to join our crew!), and Sara (Jared’s girlfriend).

A nice afternoon pick-me-up: Dole Pineapple spear, and pineapple whip. Have you tried this stuff? Yum!

This is one of my favorite shots from the entire day. So fun!

Nobody knows the guy in the front… oh well. Look at Dayna and Glenn’s faces in the way back – so funny! All in all, I can definitely say this was the best day at work since coming to Bauman Photographers. Thanks boss – you rock!!

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