Graduation Weekend In the Bay Area


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Yet another weekend in June that I was on the road . . . but all for exciting stuff! This weekend was for my sister Laura and her graduation from Stanford! Laura is a pre-med graduating with a degree in Human Biology. She’ll spend the next year applying to med schools and saving some money. Med school . . . much to hard for me 🙂 I think I’ll stick to taking pictures!
It was a great weekend – I was able to see all the things she’s called home for the past four years. She has some awesome friends, and of course I was recruited to take a few pictures.
Congrats Laura – graduating from Stanford is a huge accomplishment and you should be really proud – I am!

A nice portrait of Laura and her roommates

So I don’t know if I mentioned this, but the one downer of the weekend was that it was SUPER HOT! Jeremiah and I fashioned these wrap-like hats out of shirts in an attempt to shield ourselves from the sun. Did I mention it was hot?

My two little sisters Laura and Julie – aren’t they cute?

Me in San Francisco . . . I never end up in pictures so I figured I’d just take one of myself 🙂

Jeremiah (my old college roommate) and I in San Francisco

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