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My new series on our blog allows me to poke, prod, and ask really uncomfortable questions BaBa WaWa (Sesame Street, anyone?) style. Yes folks, it’s time for the first installment of Interview with a Wedding Photographer. It really should be titled Interview with an Employee or Associate of a Wedding Photography Studio but that was really too long and kind of boring. My first bird of prey: Bronson Pate.

If you could have a job other than the one you have right now, what would it be? Plastic surgery. Just kidding. Probably automotive journalism.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Stealing cars.

Worst decision you have ever made? The breakfast burrito. (seriously guys, it was bad)

Best decision you have ever made? Dating and marrying Megan. (awww)

What happens when you drink caffeine? I can’t sleep.

What happens when Jared drinks caffeine? It gets a lot louder in the studio.

What happens when Kristin drinks caffeine? We have a lot more fun. (he is actually mocking me here, not cool)

Most anticipated summer movie? I’m Amish so I don’t go to the theaters. I am anticipating God’s wrath coming down on those sinning movie-goers. (???)

Do you have an embarrassing nickname? Probably not one that should be published.

Were you involved in sports or a club in high school? Yeah! Jared and I were ranked 3rd in doubles badminton.

If you were sent to jail and had to choose between Paris Hilton or Martha Stewart as your cell-mate, who would you choose? I’d probably learn more from Martha Stewart. (it’s true, have you seen her show? so good!) So I think I’d go with her, and then publish a book called “Martha Stewart Living: Jail Style”

Use one word to describe yourself: corrugated

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