Jared’s Birthday!


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In honor of Jared’s birthday, here is a list of 2.5 (25 would have bored everyone and taken up 3 pages worth of blog) things that are awesome about Jared.

Happy 25th Birthday, Jared!

1. He owns 4 companies, is involved in the local photography and wedding communities, is involved in his church, manages multiple contractors and employees, has a hot girlfriend, drives the world’s best car (if only it were a stick shift like mine…), and can give someone his two cents better than almost anyone else I know.

2. He sings along to the music, can win any bride’s Mom over in a heartbeat, keeps John in line (well, actually, I think that’s mostly me, but Jared gives me the authority to do it!), and has visions of grandeur for our studio and the company.

2.5. He….

Yes, I realize that was more than 2.5 things – it was kind of a joke.


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