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Cool story – I was shooting a wedding last year, and I sat down to grab a quick bite to eat. The DJ I was working with that night, Peter Merry, introduced himself and we started chatting. As it turns out, he was in the process of writing a book about reception planning. Here we are, one year later – and some of our images were used in the book! What an honor!

The wedding he featured images from was Elana and Brent, who were married last year on August 26. The real coincidence is that they were in yesterday for a maternity shoot – Elana is due September 7!! I’d post a few images, but I probably ought to check with her about that first 🙂 Such a cool couple – some of their images are up on our website
Anyways, Peter did an excellent job at their wedding and it turned out to be quite the party. He’s an excellent DJ and I’d recommend picking his book up if you’re interested in reception planning. I know for a fact it can be found on Amazon and in local bookstores.
Congrats Peter – job well done!

For more information:
“The Best Wedding Reception . . . Ever!” by Peter Merry
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