Ode to My Nalgene… and more!


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This poem is dedicated to Sara France, who loved my haikus more than anyone else.

Nalgene, oh Nalgene, sweet gift from my friends
How purple thy color, and plentiful the ounces you hold.
When thirst overwhelms me, my throat crying out
Your water replenishes, one sip at a time.

Nalgene, oh Nalgene, sweet gift from my friends
I thank you for the hydration you provide.

Ok that is getting kind of creepy. I do love my nalgene bottle, and thank my friends and fellow Bauman Photographers fans Jeff and Leanna for getting it for me!

On to more exciting things… like what is happening this Thursday at 9 PM.

The season Premier of The Office which I know I probably talk about more than anything else, but seriously, it’s the best show ever made. I would even put it up against The Cosby Show or Mash. That’s it from me – Happy fall, San Diego!!

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