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For those of you who didn’t know, Bronson and I started a post production company for wedding photographers called ShootDotEdit. The basic idea is that, as wedding photographers, we are no where near finished with the workload once we finish shooting the wedding. Each wedding takes anywhere from 10-25 hours to edit. You can imagine how crazy things are during the summer when we have to dedicate that much time to editing each wedding the way we want it!
Enter ShootDotEdit. The company was started to provide high quality post production for the modern wedding photographer. ShootDotEdit allows the professional photographer to outsource their post production editing/workflow in order to make better use of their time and energy. ShootDotEdit returns high quality images at a fractional cost compared to what a photographer earns at a wedding. In the end, you can spend your free time marketing your company or relaxing with family and friends – its your call!
Sounds pretty good huh? Make sure you check out the website in you’re interested 🙂
In conclusion, I thought I’d also post the ShootDotEdit song – made up on the spot by Bronson, completely off the top of his head. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. I think he missed his calling . . . .

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