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I couldn’t help but post a few images of our Halloween costumes this year.

The pictures of Jared were taken at a friend’s Halloween party this past weekend, and the ones of me are right here and now at the studio. Scary is really the only word to describe these.

This is Jared and his roommate, John. I wish you could zoom in on Jared’s eye make up – he is a Goth Garth (from Wayne’s world).

This is Jared with a guy dressed up as the Chick fil A cow.

I am a Lint Trap. Yep, all that gross stuff stuck to my torso is lint from my dryer. There is also a penny and a dryer sheet, which smells pretty good so that’s a plus.

The advantage of this costume: I got to wear sweats to work! Send us your Halloween pictures, if you have any! We need ideas for next year!

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