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Today is a special day. Two awesome things happened today, purely because of my awesome job here at Bauman Photographers.

First, I walked in and had a special little gift waiting on my desk from one of my favorite brides whose wedding is coming up in January. (thanks!!) Then, the UPS guy came (A highlight in anyone’s day. You never know what might be in the next box!) and delivered a package of recently ordered prints from our lab. This package was no ordinary package, however, as it included a tootsie pop for me!

I was so excited, honestly, I could barely contain it. I love our lab! I love my job! I love today!

In other news, Jared is currently gallivanting through Costa Rica, trying to catch monkeys and climbing trees. Expect many a silly post from Bronson and I as we attempt to work while the boss is away!

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