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Today’s post comes at the end of a long week for all of us. I have had a handful of issues with our back-end processing systems, Jared has been working on various projects including his WPPI presentation (talking in front of thousands would make me nervous, too!), and Bronson has been in and out of the studio as our dear Megan Pate has come down with pneumonia!

Enough of our sob stories – on to a silly story! About a week ago I noticed my letter opener had gone missing. Curious, as I am the only one who opens the mail, and frustrating because opening envelopes with a pen just doesn’t work quite as well. Neither Jared or Bronson knew where it was, so I figured it had just disappeared and would turn up one of these days.

This morning Jared asked me to check on something, so I opened my desk drawer and to my surprise, this is what I saw:

That’s right, Office fans – Bronson put my letter opener in jello. It only took him 4 seasons to pull this prank – I’m waiting for the day he comes in dressed as me!

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