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New York was awesome! We closed out the trip on Sunday and Monday visiting the Met and Natural History Museums. In my opinion, the Met has some of the best art in the world, next to only a few of the museums in Paris. We spent Monday night hanging out friends at a comedy club in the Upper East Side. Apparently this is the club where greats like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock got their start! Anyways, all in all, a wonderful trip. New York is incredibly diverse and unique of a place. I’m not sure I could live in the city, but it makes a wonderful place to visit. Looking forward to my next visit ?

Perhaps my favorite picture of the whole trip, the one is from inside the gorgeous Apple Store in downtown Manhattan. However, it was taken by Sara! I gave her my point and shoot while I was looking around, and look what she walks away with! She’s going to be a photographer yet!!

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