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Our last couple days in New Orleans proved to be great in many ways but it certainly had its moments of “issues”
Let’s talk about the good stuff…Marianne and Kieran ended up being such a fun couple and their families were the same – very hospitable and gracious. The wedding itself will go down as one of my favorites largely because of the way that it is so easy to see the love between these two and I also loved the way they did everything. The chapel we shot in was called the Sacred Heart Academy (beautiful and grandiose) and the ceremony was pure joy to witness – there was an incredibly good gospel choir singing, the light streaming through the windows was gorgeous and illuminated everything. After that, we spent the rest of the evening at a venue in City Park called Pavilion of the Two Sisters where the guests were served traditional southern cuisine including a great crawfish etoufee (the family recipe), oysters, corn bread and quail and cheese grits. yum!

After the reception, Jared and I headed to a small jazz club on Frenchman for some live music and while we were there saw the whole wedding party hanging out at their after-party. It was 2:15 am.

So now the part that Kristin mentioned in her post about the police…Don’t worry, we didn’t get busted on Bourbon st. or anything – it involved my uninformed decision to rent a car for the trip.
Our hotel, the Prince Conti hotel was located a block from Bourbon st. which made parking a little difficult but we managed to find a great spot on the street near our hotel. We parked there with no problem for the first two days but when I went to hop in our car to head to the bride’s house on the wedding day, it was not there.
The worst part, trying to flag down a taxi in head-to-toe black clothes, carrying a rather heavy bag of gear in the highly humid heat. But, we managed. And we managed to get our car back from the impound yard for a modest sum of $130.
Upon revisiting our parking space I still believe that there was no reason to receive a ticket or be towed but we’ll see what the Louisiana Police have to say about that when we send in our “evidence”.
Overall an unforgettable trip to a very unique city.

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