While the Cats Are Away…

As you know, Bronson and Jared are in New Orleans shooting a wedding. I had the privilege of waking up at 5:30 to take them to the airport on Wednesday, and then headed into the studio a little early. Usually when the guys are out of town things run pretty smoothly. This time I think the studio manager gods were angry with me, because all hell broke loose about 30 minutes after Jared and Bronson got on the plane.

To document the madness that was the Bauman Photographers studio this week, I hired our wonderful Crew photographer John Yao.

Notice the large stack of things covering my desk…

Not joking – this is when I was on the phone with Jared taking down the information I needed to call the New Orleans Police Department (I won’t ruin the story – I am sure the guys will post on that later.)

Our dear intern Laura had to come in 2 extra days this week to finish a project because the computer freaked out on her! This is us ready to karate chop the computer and show it who’s boss.

All in all, a very eventful week. Thank goodness everyone will be back on Monday!

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