An East Coast Adventure


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of traveling to Michigan to attend the wedding of my college roommate, Anthony Livolsi. I love destination weddings, and since I had never been to Michigan I was real excited about putting on my tourist hat and taking some pictures! After a quick tour of Detroit, I ended up in the small town of Greenville for Anthony’s spectacular wedding. The wedding gave me a chance to catch up with some college friends and bust a move or two on the dance floor.
From Michigan I decided to take a trip over to Boston because Kristin, our studio manager, has always talked about how great it is. From Boston I headed over to Maine and New Hampshire. If you haven’t been you should plan a trip, maybe not during the winter though, I hear it is a little snowy!

On Kristin’s recommendation I went to Mike’s Pastries in Boston and it was amazing!

I made a quick trip over to Cape Cod, hometown of the JFK, and got some amazing Clam Chowder at this little joint.

And then onto Kennebunkport, Maine for some Lobster and Summer Ale. The bib was essential as cracking the lobster was very messy.

Kennebunkport is one of the most beautiful places that I have traveled to in the States. So peaceful!

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