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Guess what? I had the weekend off! Now, while I love shooting weddings, it is always nice to have a weekend or two off every summer, just as a little break from being a wedding photographer 🙂 I made the most of the weekend – on Saturday, Sara and I hiked Cowles Mountain. It was quite a warm day; luckily we started in the late afternoon. I had the brilliant idea of us running up the mountain – Sara played along until we each realized that it was just far too hot to give mountain running a try for this first time. I am proud to say we kept a brisk pace up the entire hike, and the views were fantastic!

On Sunday, Sara and I went to Sea World with her roommate Sarah and her boyfriend Nate. Its funny how sometimes you hardly ever spend time with people like roommates and such. We get along great and have a blast with them – somehow we just never end up hanging out.

Umm, yeah, you do get very wet on Shipwreck Rapids the ride.

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