Bauman Beach Day Round Two!!


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August at Bauman Photographers brings with it many sweaty days at the studio (remember this post from last summer?), the realization that wedding season is upon us in full force, the supposed end of summer as sweaters and jeans fill the racks at JCrew (yet we still think it’s hotter than it was in June), and Bauman Beach Day!

This is the 2nd year we have headed out a few minutes early and hit the lovely shores of South Mission to catch some rays. This year we geared up for it to be the best Beach Day ever as we had.. dun dun duuuh… HOT DOGS.

Jacob thinking about what the ketchup-mustard ratio on his hot dog will be.

I am clearly trying to describe something with my hands, but I have no idea what.

Bronson showing us why he should be the next Indiana Jones.

Sara thinks there are unflattering pictures of her on our blog. I disagree. This is my all-time favorite of her. Ever. You can’t pay for that much emotion.

Megan laughing as Bronson demonstrated his Indiana Jones skills. Love this one!

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