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In honor of a) Bronson’s birthday earlier this week, b) The Office season premier tonight (yahoooo!!!) and c) Bauman Lunch, we decided to put together a little bit of a bet today. Before we get into details let me set the scene for you.

We are driving to lunch, Jared and I in the front and Bronson and Jacob in the back. Someone mentions how awesome it would be to fly via private jet to any destination weddings we have. We start joking about how much we would have to increase our package prices to cover the jet, and Bronson says it would be $18,000. Jared and I promptly inform Bronson that a private flight to Europe would be significantly more than $18,000 as that is about how much it is to fly first class. Here is when the heckling and name calling starts from both sides.

We are accused of being ridiculous and eyes are rolled in our direction, they are told they know nothing about traveling and we will school them in plane prices any day.

As mature adults, we settle almost all of our disagreements with a bet. The stakes: a $10 Starbucks card (I think the Vegas term for betters like us is “whale”).

The terms of the bet: We look up the price for one round trip, full fare, first class ticket from San Diego to Berlin on two websites: American Airlines and Continental. Departing April 2, 2009 and Returning April 12, 2009. We take the average of the two prices and the winner is the pair that comes closest to said average.

Bronson and Jacob’s guess: $8,500
Jared and Kristin’s guess: $18,000

Here is a screen shot of what each site came up with:

Moral of the story: if you’re going to fly first to Berlin, stick with Continental.

****Additional notes/explanation****
There seems to be a little bit of clarification needed – these screenshots are of the actual prices for this flight, looked up yesterday – the upper one is Continental, the lower one American. Bronson and Jacob won the bet because Continental is currently offering first class tickets for only $4000. Jared and I still feel ok about this, though, because every other airline we looked at is $16000 or over. 🙂

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