The Saddest Day Ever


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It’s my last day! Technically my position here ended 30 minutes ago but I have been trying to be sure everything is taken care of before I leave…

I don’t know what to say other than it’s been so great to be a part of the Bauman Photographers team and I’m going to miss my Bauman family so much! Since pictures say more than words, and we are a photography studio – I thought it would be appropriate to end with a handful of images documenting favorite moments of mine the past 2 plus years.

How can I not mention my wedding? Shot by Jared and Bronson only 5 months after I started working here, a marvelous day and so much fun to work with those two!!

Bauman Beach days – amazing and so much fun.

Team Bauman does Disneyland. My.

Jacob and I working in the back area together. So so so fun!

And the ever amazing Office prank – my letter opener in jello.

I will miss you guys so much!

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