A Wind and Sea Engagement!


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One of my favorite things to shoot are engagements. I love capturing emotion and there is really no greater emotion packed moment than when a girl is surprised that he has popped the question. This weekend my old roommate and buddy planned a romantic sunset moment at Wind and Sea beach in La Jolla. The key to photographing these moments is that you don’t want to be seen by the girl before he pops the question. If she sees you with a giant lens pointed at her she will know something is up. On the other hand, the great thing is that as soon as he pops the question you could be standing right in front of her and she would never know because she is lost in the moment. After the proposal happened and she said “yes”, I came out from hiding and got a chance to take a few quick shots with the two of them. Getting to photograph this really was the highlight of my Sunday!

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