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Got up at 6 this morning to make the trek up to studio city for…this:
A few weeks ago got an invite from Ron Dawson (pictured above) of Cinematic Studios. The invite was addressed to the many of the best photographers I can think of, many of them top 10 in the country type status.
When we arrived at Robert Evan’s studio, we were split into teams and given our tasks. My team consisted of a few people that I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know and a few familiar faces too. Jen and Steve Bebb, Chris Humphreys, Dane Sanders, Jules and Joy Bianchi, Kevin Kubota, Kenny Kim, David Jay, Robert Evans, and Becker were my teammates.
After a LONG brainstorming session, we finally came up with a great concept for our project. The fun part of this is going to be keeping tabs on the finished product as it is slowly released in anticipation of WPPI! Here is where you can keep up with the videos if you are interested. Ron’s Blog or at WPPI online

Oh yeah, and, the team who wins the contest gets $1,000 donated to the charity their team is representing!

P.S. It is currently 2:27am

Kenny Kim and Chris Humphreys helping David Jay get ready for his debut…

Our gracious host and talented celebrity photographer Robert Evans

Kim, Becker, Jay, Sanders and Kubota fading fast in the late hours of production…

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