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It’s Friday and time for my weekly restaurant review. Although this week we still did not have the full team, we couldn’t go two weeks without a Bauman Lunch!

Bronson suggested Chinese so we headed China Camp, only two blocks from our Downtown San Diego wedding studio.

China Camp definitely has a lot of interesting decor. It is filled with artifacts, bridges, wagon wheels, and maps all making you feel like you have just stepped into some sort of old mining camp.

Here we are looking over the lunch specials that included soup, entree, rice (steamed or fried) and an egg roll…all under $10. I had a little order anxiety and found it very hard to decide. In the end I picked some sort of house vegetable special…which unfortunately was not so special and left me wishing I had picked something else.

This was Jacob’s choice, the sweet and sour chicken with fried rice also not as great as he would have hoped. In fact nobody was really wowed by their meal. They did give you a lot of food at a good price and I did enjoy my wonton soup (which was not included in the lunch special) but in the end I would only recommend going if you are looking for quantity over quality.

A few of this week’s Barguments:
Would you accept one hundred thousand dollars to never read another book?
If you had to pierce one part of your body other than your ear what would it be?
this was an extremely difficult one for me, for those that know me know I have just gotten use to the idea of earrings in my ears. Jacob said eyebrow and I am guessing that would be mine too. Bronson went with the ever popular kneecap…huh?
Who would you rather have as your drinking buddy? Derek Jeter, Conan O’Brien, or Willie Nelson?
Conan hands down!

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